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Due to the circumstances surrounding COVID19, San Francisco Design Week is transitioning to the first regional design festival to go Virtual during the pandemic! Join thousands of attendees connecting online to digitally gather for virtual experiences, digital programming, livestreamed studio crawls for an immersive design festival.

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Already have a Pass and just need to login to sign-up for individual events/join live events when they begin? Please visit the San Francisco Design Week Crowdcast Platform for live events here by using the email address you registered for an all-access pass and the unique password sent in your Eventbrite registration confirmation email.

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These are challenging times

Are you struggling because you’ve been directly affected by the pandemic, recently laid off or furloughed or are a member of a marginalized or underserved community? We’ve set aside free tickets for you because price should never be a barrier to participation. Please fill out this quick form so that we can send you an all-access pass made possible by a generous donation from Google.

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Facts + Questions

Purchase an All-Access Pass

To participate as an attendee, simply register for an All-Access Pass which allows you to participate in almost every event*. Over 100 events to choose from! The full event calendar can be viewed here but check back because we’ll be adding more events through June.
*Note: A few of sessions require an additional fee and All-Access pass does not include private or VIP events.

I purchased an All-Access Pass, how do I sign up for individual events or login to join events live?

When you register for an all-access pass through Eventbrite, you’ll receive a confirmation email or an email message to SF Design Week attendees with a direct url to our Event Platform: Crowdcast and a unique password that only works for your email address. You must login to Crowdcast, Braindate, Imagination Space by Roblox and the Studio Tours with the email address you used to register for your all-access pass due to our integration.

Do I need to register for individual events?

We highly recommend you register for each event you’d like to attend prior to the event. Once you receive your unique password, you’ll be able to login to our live events platform Crowdcast to register for individual events.Once you do, you’ll be sent automated reminders so you can add it to your calendar. You will also use this link to attend the live events!

Note: Use Chrome for the best experience on Crowdcast! Rumor has it Firefox works well too (DO NOT USE SAFARI)

What is Imagination Space by Roblox?

This is a virtual experience where you can schedule a time to meet up with friends inside a very special hub created just for Design Week attendees by the Roblox team! Live chat, explore the space, add your favorite quote to create installations, meet new people and exchange information, run, jump and play! Don’t forget to stop by the Imagination Space Meditation Room for a quiet break during SFDW. Visit the Experience Page for more details before logging in!

Do events have limited registration?

Yes, some events have limited spots available. Make sure to register to secure your space within the event once you receive your dedicated password!

I previously purchased a ticket to the Official Party

If you already purchased a ticket for the in-person Official Party (which has been cancelled due to COVID19) your ticket will be automatically transferred to an All-Access Pass with no additional cost to you.

Will sessions be recorded?

Yes, most sessions will be recorded. Anyone who has purchased an All-Access Pass will have access to the events through the end of July, 2020.

What time zone does the festival take place?

All times are posted in PST (Pacific Standard Time Zone). International guests please make note so you don’t miss any of the content, or purchase and All-Access Pass so you can watch the recordings during your own time zone.

What if I purchased an All-Access Pass but can no longer attend?

Unfortunately we do not accept refund requests. All funds raised go towards expenses affiliated with producing this event and cannot be refunded. Consider your purchase a donation to support the design community (thank you!)

What is Braindate?

Braindates are scheduled 1:1 and small group sessions to network and discuss topics with like-minded individuals. You must set up a profile before your session begins, post topics or join existing topics. Due to the nature of the platform, Braindates only happen on June 16th, June 18th and 23rd. Although individual sessions are only 30 minutes, we only have access to the platform between 9am and 1pm on the above dates.

What is a Virtual Design Festival?

We will be hosting both live and pre-recorded content in digital and online formats as well as a few special virtual and augmented reality events. There will also be ample opportunities for networking and socializing through our special 1:1 and small group events. Spaces are typically limited for the VR and networking events so secure your spots!

VR, 1:1 and Small Group Networking

These events have very limited spots available. Please only sign up if you can absolutely attend to be respectful of the other people in your groups. If you register and can’t attend these smaller events, please un-register for the specific event so that someone else can take your place!

Do I have to have a VR Headset to Participate?

Yes and no. While most of the events will be digital and online content (and don’t require the use of a VR headset) there are a few events which having a headset might elevate your experience. However, we’re also creating workarounds so that you can still enter the rooms through your desktop or laptop. Check the description on each event page to view requirements.

When registering for the VR Tours and Imagination Space by Roblox you will need to download software and create a login to have the full experience. Please use the email address you used to register for your all-access pass for integration reasons.

Thank you!

While we’re excited to bring this alternative format due to COVID19, this is an experiment! We appreciate your flexibility and patience.. let’s have some fun exploring together!