Designing Product Pivots

In light of the Covid-19 Pandemic, many teams are facing the challenge of product pivots. Join us to explore how designers at IBM use Enterprise Design Thinking principles to pivot product directions and create a meaningful user experience. In this session, IBM designers will give a series of quick lightning-talk presentations about how they use

SciFi Panel and Futurecast Workshop

Covid-19 is making the future happen faster. The pandemic has accelerated trends like tele-health, remote education, and social inequity making it increasingly important for organizations to cultivate the ability to think long-term. As Max Tegmark, professor at MIT and author of Life 3.0 says, “It’s a mistake to passively ask “what will happen,” as if

Validating Ideas for Emerging Interfaces

Curious about new emerging technologies and how they can be used to propel your ideas? Join us at our event to hear about how industry thought leaders apply new interfaces to their products, and their methods to rapidly validate solutions. Who is this event for? Our emerging interfaces event is open to current designers of

Creative Careers: Pivot and Adapt to Change in the Workplace

Emerging technologies like AI and automation are transforming the nature of creative teams and careers faster than ever before, and the COVID-19 pandemic has created even more challenges in the workplace. Professionals who embrace and drive change are those best positioned for success. In this session, you will learn: How transformative technologies are redefining creative

The Design Futures Lab at California College of the Arts presents: Prompts, strategies, and tactics to help you think beyond the now

Learn new ways to start/spark/transform your creative process and your capacity to ‘future-think’. 4 leading practitioners (and CCA educators!) working in futures, design + foresight will each present a design prompt/strategy/tactic they have used to move beyond a near-term mentality. These presentations will be followed by a short and lively conversation about building mental flexibility

VR to AR for Design Implementation

The emerging workflow in architectural spaces to design in Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality for implementing designs, avoiding conflicts and creating design/build feedback loops. Professionals from VRAR Association, Stantec and One Hat One Hand discuss current use cases for the combined workflow. Event Speakers: Rae Koshida – Designer, Stantec Aubrey Tucker – Committee Chair, VR/AR