What is AI for Designers

The terms Machine learning and AI have been added to the vocabulary of the design community for some time. It is quite common to see it being placed in products as a magic black box to enable powerful sci-fi features. Or even as a feature itself. In this talk, Mauro Rego – Designer at Google

CANCELLED: Mixed Reality Design/Build

THIS EVENT HAS BEEN CANCELLED DUE TO SPEAKER AVAILABILITY CHANGE Exploring techniques for using AR, VR and digital fabrication tools for design, prototyping, fabrication and installation. Case studies from public art, structural engineering and architecture highlight the strengths and emerging uses of different types of immersive technology for successfully bringing complex projects to fruition. Event

Getting Started as a Designer in AR/VR

Have you ever wondered how to transition from 2D design to AR/VR? What are the skills you need? What are hiring managers looking for? Join Diego Mendes, a Product Design Manager in the AR/VR team at Facebook Reality Labs, and Morgan Chin, an incoming Product Designer and former Intern to learn from their experiences and

The Future of Collaborative Making

frog and Campfire will tell the origin story of their recent collaboration on the design of Campfire’s 3D holographic technology which enables both AR and VR for the purpose of product design. Campfire is an XR startup that just emerged from stealth and will be launching as a subscription in the fall. The panel will

Creating racial equity in product design at Google

What role do designers play in building products that are human-centered, ethical, and inclusive? – How can we as designers and product teams react to the world around us? In the wake of the Black Lives Matter protests, teams around Google have looked for ways to get engaged, using their technical and creative expertise to