Design Your Company Culture Playbook

A great culture can improve people’s lives and the bottom line, but what can you actually do to make your culture great? Author and CULTURE LABx co-founder Josh Levine argues that a company’s DNA is made up of 6 elements. In this session, he’ll break them down and share actionable steps for influencing each of

UX Careers: Turning Points, Mistakes, and Lessons

Zenefits’ design team members will talk about their journeys to Zenefits; each one will share career turning points/milestones and mistakes/lessons. Food and drinks are included in this event. We will also offer 30 mins of our time for free career consultations through a raffle for people who come to the event! Casey Busher – Marketing

Building your online presence as a Designer using LinkedIn & more

Are you currently looking for a new job or want to improve your online brand presence? If so, come participate in our career coaching workshop to learn more about how LinkedIn can help improve your personal career goals! The workshop will teach you about the different products within LinkedIn and how to make the most

20 Years of Design

Idean, a global design agency originally from Finland, is celebrating its 20th anniversary. In this event, we’ll be looking back at the past 20 years in design – and forward – about its ability to make an impact by defining new products, services, and experiences. We will have a happy hour celebrating and showcasing some

Looking Back to Move Forward – Ancient Design Methods with New Technology

Many ancient design methods can provide modern solutions when combined with new materials and tech. All tickets include a tour of Oru HQ, coffee, light snacks a kayaking experience on the San Francisco Bay. Lead designer Anton Willis will share how an article about a physicist studying the mathematics of origami inspired the first Oru

Building Accessible Design Systems

Join us for an evening of design talks on how to evolve design systems to be inclusive, accessible, and empowering for all users and cross-functional teams. Design systems leaders will share their methods and learnings on how to design a system around situations, how quality principles and guidelines adapt, why accessibility, legibility, and tap targets

Boss Ladies: Let’s talk about being bosses and being ladies

Whether you’re a solo freelancer/contractor or studio owner, the highs and lows of running a business are real. Nothing helps to energize, inspire, and relieve like swapping war stories and discussing lessons learned along the path of this insane endeavor, all while sipping coffee and eating snacks. Katelyn and Malin of Edition, a creative design