VR Guided Tour with Kuth Ranieri

This VR Guided tour with Kuth Ranieri Architects is a unique experience that brings the studio to you in an interactive and engaging way by creating a virtual reality of multiple Kuth Ranieri’s design pavilions. Kuth Ranieri’s team will meet you inside the VR Studio where they will guide you through the experience virtually. About VR Guided Tour with Studio12

This VR Guided tour with Studio12 is a unique experience that brings the studio to you in an interactive and engaging way by creating a virtual reality of Studio12. The Studio12 Team will meet you inside the VR Studio where they will guide you through the experience virtually. About Studio12 Studio 12 was founded by VR Guided Tour with One Hat One Hand

Come join One Hat One Hand for a virtual guided tour of one of their unique interactive experiences. This tour will take you through a beautiful gallery space that showcases various pieces of art and sculpture from the team’s collection of designs. One Hat One Hand is a design and fabrication studio. Our staff includes

What is conversation design?

During this event, we will go through the basics of conversation design, in particular: – What is conversation design – Examples of successful conversational interfaces: The Google Assistant, Alexa, Slack bots – What is a conversation design pattern – Happy path: The basic conversation design pattern – Repair path: The second pattern you want to

SciFi Panel and Futurecast Workshop

Covid-19 is making the future happen faster. The pandemic has accelerated trends like tele-health, remote education, and social inequity making it increasingly important for organizations to cultivate the ability to think long-term. As Max Tegmark, professor at MIT and author of Life 3.0 says, “It’s a mistake to passively ask “what will happen,” as if

Behind the Design & Future of Fashion

Originally, we planned to host you all in our gorgeous studio, to meet our designers in-person. With the pandemic in full swing, we’ve had to make some adjustments that will still bring style inspiration & artistic joy to your day. Our online San Francisco Design Week Event will include a trend forecasting summary from the

Signalling Change

Adam Weiss, Founder and Creative Director of Landscape, hosts a conversation with business leaders leveraging design to support fundamental change in foundational industries. Joined by Dr. Michael Fratkin (redefining palliative care), Dhash Shrivathsa (software & biology), Nick Pinkston (future of manufacturing), and Matt Schwartz (fresh food supply chain), and others. How does design literacy vary

Designing with Optimism

Core to being a designer is the ability to envision beyond the way things are, to the highest potential of how they could be. There’s no doubt that the last few months have brought uncertainty, sadness, and adversity upon us. Yet, this moment is also full of opportunities to improve our products, experiences, and systems-our

Public Speaking for Designers: Presenting Online Edition

Whether speaking at a conference or presenting your work in a team meeting, public speaking is a critical skill for designers. And now, more than ever before, we need to be able to present online. Feel intimidated? You’re not alone. Join Women Talk Design for a workshop to learn tools and techniques to set you

Voicing Emotion in an Age of Data-Based Marketing

Speakers: Warren Chase, COO of Firewood Vanessa Lai, Senior Creative at MediaMonks. Louise Martens, Global Head of Embedded Production at MediaMonks Michiel Schriever, Executive Creative Director at Firewood Moderated by: Stephanie Lachowicz, Senior Art Director at Firewood Brands must take into consideration more and more aspects of digital marketing’s nimble nature as the landscape changes,

VR to AR for Design Implementation

The emerging workflow in architectural spaces to design in Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality for implementing designs, avoiding conflicts and creating design/build feedback loops. Professionals from VRAR Association, Stantec and One Hat One Hand discuss current use cases for the combined workflow. Event Speakers: Rae Koshida – Designer, Stantec Aubrey Tucker – Committee Chair, VR/AR

Pleasure, sex, and safe-abortion: Designing around taboo topics

Wake up with YLabs! Grab your morning beverage of choice and prepare to get your creative juices flowing. In this virtual show-and-tell, you’ll hear from YLabs designers as they share stories and insights from our projects around the world. We’ve worked with young people, religious leaders, and government stakeholders to understand, explore, and design for

Navigating virtual job boards as a creative

Young creatives are entering an uncertain job market that looks very different to how it did six months ago. Internships are being moved and roles cancelled, switched or transformed as the world comes to terms with remote working. Our 1-hour workshop is dedicated to creatives looking for gigs amidst the shifting professional landscape. The first

Designing our way through uncertain times

We’re in a moment of unprecedented change. We’ve paused co-located work, we’re not able to see our co-workers or our users in person, to experience collaboration and user needs first hand. And some of us are in the midst of looking for new opportunities as recently growing industries have experienced a sharp contraction. While we

The Letterform Archive Online

Letterform Archive is a Nonprofit center for inspiration, education, & community in graphic design located in the Dogpatch. When we launched the Online Archive on April 7, we had no idea the venture would break part of the internet. One month, two server crashes, and over 200,000 hits later, the free resource continues to grow VR Guided Tour with Nonfiction

This VR Guided tour with Nonfiction gives users an exclusive first-person preview of the Movida School in an interactive and engaging way by creating and virtual reality of Nonfiction’s design. 
Nonfiction’s Design Team will meet you inside the VR Studio where they will guide you through the experience virtually.
 About the Movida School Virtual Design,