Can Design Save Cannabis?

Three years have passed since cannabis became legal for adult-use in California. The resulting green rush has been anything but easy. The murky industry is crowded with products that have been rushed to market, unoriginal packaging, and a ton of ambiguity on what-does-what. Can design help brands rise above the smoke? The bulk of the

Designing with Optimism

Core to being a designer is the ability to envision beyond the way things are, to the highest potential of how they could be. There’s no doubt that the last few months have brought uncertainty, sadness, and adversity upon us. Yet, this moment is also full of opportunities to improve our products, experiences, and systems-our

Design the Best Accessible Signs

Attention architects, sign makers, graphic designers. Do you struggle with accessible signage? Are you familiar with the codes, but unclear on the reasons behind them? Do you think accessible signage has to be ugly to be compliant? LightHouse for the Blind and Visually Impaired is hosting a training session that will explore the 2010 ADA

The Design Futures Lab at California College of the Arts presents: Prompts, strategies, and tactics to help you think beyond the now

Learn new ways to start/spark/transform your creative process and your capacity to ‘future-think’. 4 leading practitioners (and CCA educators!) working in futures, design + foresight will each present a design prompt/strategy/tactic they have used to move beyond a near-term mentality. These presentations will be followed by a short and lively conversation about building mental flexibility

Voicing Emotion in an Age of Data-Based Marketing

Speakers: Warren Chase, COO of Firewood Vanessa Lai, Senior Creative at MediaMonks. Louise Martens, Global Head of Embedded Production at MediaMonks Michiel Schriever, Executive Creative Director at Firewood Moderated by: Stephanie Lachowicz, Senior Art Director at Firewood Brands must take into consideration more and more aspects of digital marketing’s nimble nature as the landscape changes,

Design to Amplify Voices Around the World

Creativity is proving to be one of the driving forces of social activism and change. How we use design to amplify diverse voices and crucial initiatives are top of mind. Join, Sophia Yeshi, graphic designer, and Illustrator, as she shares her passion to create work to celebrate and amplify Black Women, Women of Color, and

Pleasure, sex, and safe-abortion: Designing around taboo topics

Wake up with YLabs! Grab your morning beverage of choice and prepare to get your creative juices flowing. In this virtual show-and-tell, you’ll hear from YLabs designers as they share stories and insights from our projects around the world. We’ve worked with young people, religious leaders, and government stakeholders to understand, explore, and design for

DocuSign x SFDW

Event Schdedule 10:00am – 10:05am Introduction Lightning Talks // IDENTITY VERIFICATION AND RESEARCH // 10:05am – 10:20am “Keeping Your Users Engaged While They Wait” Identity Verification will be a $12.8 billion market by 2024, and DocuSign happens to be one of the design teams dedicated to a fast-growing IDV product. This is a story about

The Letterform Archive Online

Letterform Archive is a Nonprofit center for inspiration, education, & community in graphic design located in the Dogpatch. When we launched the Online Archive on April 7, we had no idea the venture would break part of the internet. One month, two server crashes, and over 200,000 hits later, the free resource continues to grow

Burst the Bubble

Creative expression will always come from people, not machines. The tech takeover in the Bay Area has created powerful effects across the landscapes of art and design, and while daily life runs on tech there are areas in which traditional methods cannot be superseded. Astro Studios, together with Dawline-Jane Oni-Esele, Tracy Piper, and Shane Izykowski,