Why the Physical Office?

The physical office may not technically be necessary for many businesses since most office work can be productive when done remotely – so why even go back to the office? Join design leaders at FENNIE+MEHL as we present ideas about how businesses can anticipate what experiences employees will crave most, how that’s different than before,


A Japanese-style respect for nature and an inspired use of materials drives the modernist work of award-winning architect Takashi Yanai, partner of esteemed Los Angeles/San Francisco architecture firm Ehrlich Yanai Rhee Chaney (EYRC). In a new webcast series, “SPOTLIGHT WITH ZAHID SARDAR” the award-winning architect converses with acclaimed design editor Zahid Sardar touching on the

The Future of Public Space: Neighborhoods as a Multiverse

The current state of affairs have significantly altered our understanding of civic engagement, work, mobility, and the essential use of shared space. What can we learn from the ways in which folks are now sharing public and private spaces? What are the possible outcomes for our neighborhoods- in particular, how can community resilience and equity

Go Big or Go Home: The Impact of Color

Join Interior Designer Sabrina Alfin in conversation with Shannon Kaye, Color Marketing Manager for Kelly-Moore paint to discuss the impact of color on design. What role does color play in interior design? How does color impact design? How are we inspired by color? How do color trends evolve and change over time? Can something “old”

SPOTLIGHT WITH ZAHID SARDAR: Interior Designer Gary Hutton

Gary Hutton is a son of California, formally trained in studio arts and interior design. His small, artful practice creates relevant, trend-setting interiors coveted by tastemakers in many fields and by clients in search of curated living. Hutton’s talents, engagement with process, and 40- year career have always been admired by industry insiders. Recently, broader

Designing with Optimism

Core to being a designer is the ability to envision beyond the way things are, to the highest potential of how they could be. There’s no doubt that the last few months have brought uncertainty, sadness, and adversity upon us. Yet, this moment is also full of opportunities to improve our products, experiences, and systems-our

Moving Beyond Screens: Embedding Technology in Physical Spaces

An informal conversation between Joty Dhaliwal and Matt Hexemer about moving dynamic narratives traditionally expressed through screen-based UX into spatial environments. We will touch upon the nuances of designing in each of these environments. The current global pandemic has resulted in a surge in screen-based interaction, we will consider what this has brought up for


Building creative communities that inspire creativity, knowledge-sharing and collaboration are the cornerstones of Clive Wilkinson Architects’ philosophy. Acclaimed design editor Zahid Sardar sits down with award-winning architect Clive Wilkinson in a new webcast series, “SPOTLIGHT WITH ZAHID SARDAR”. Wilkinson is best-known for his large-scale projects for Disney, Google, Macquarie Bank, and Microsoft, all of which

Don’t Waste a Good Crisis: the Post-COVID Future of Good Design

As we emerge from the pandemic, what can we expect from the new world around us going forward? How will our homes and workspaces change? How SHOULD they change? And how can the design community both lead and respond?” This interactive panel explores these questions through the lenses of consumerism, design history, and the quest

California Modernism, Past and Future

Please join acclaimed architect Takashi Yanai, a partner at the firm Ehrlich Yanai Rhee Chaney (EYRC), and real estate agent Monique Lombardelli, Founder and CEO of Modern Homes Realty, in a lively virtual conversation about the West Coast’s lasting influence on Modernism. In EYRC’s award-winning residential work in particular, it offers a refreshing update of

SPOTLIGHT WITH ZAHID SARDAR: Henrybuilt Founder Scott Hudson

In the age of Amazon Prime, hand-crafted products are being edged out of the market. Entrepreneur Scott Hudson, founder of Henrybuilt, a Seattle-based manufacturer of beautifully crafted, customizable kitchen and whole house systems, and a freestanding furniture line, shares his insights with acclaimed design editor Zahid Sardar in a new webcast series, “SPOTLIGHT WITH ZAHID

Urban Acupuncture: The Philosophy Behind Ciel Creative Space

Join the founders of Ciel Creative Space in a discussion about Urban Acupuncture. In a conversation led by Mike Janiak, co-founder of Pattern, a web design agency within Ciel, this discussion will look at how we, as creative leaders, are seeking to adapt and release tension under the concept of Urban Acupuncture given the unfolding