The Power of 3D Printing Technology to Disrupt Architecture, Design and Fashion

There is power in disruption and 3D printing technology is hailed as nothing short of a new industrial revolution that holds potential for major innovation of economic models. As the technology permeates more design studios and factory floors, the potential applications are virtually endless. So what does this technology mean for architecture and design specifically?

Leaders of tomorrow lead by eXperience

More than ever, organizations are investing heavily in design thinking and customer eXperiences. Unfortunately, many who’ve made these investments aren’t getting what they want out of them. Why is this happening? What’s broken? Is there a better way to maximize the ROI of an investment in user eXperience design? This event will give you practical

Unleashing Creativity Through the Failure Mindset

We all want to be more creative, but what if unlocking your creative genius was hiding in something remarkably ordinary – your fear of failure. In this class, you will learn how to unleash creativity and problem solve quicker through the failure mindset. You will learn tactics, a methodology, and how to shift your mindset.

Data-Driven Design: A Shipt Workshop

As product designers, we often ground most of our product discovery and validation work in qualitative research (User testing, interviews, etc.) However, focusing entirely on qualitative research often tells an incomplete story that doesn’t reliably set products and their designers up for success. Through this workshop, we’ll explore how product designers can leverage both quantitative

Design and Intersectionality

For years, designers have fought for a seat at the table. Now that we’ve got one, how are we using it to uplift others? As we reckon with the second-order effects of tech on people across the world, designers must balance a desire to scale with an ethical imperative to consider the needs of a

CANCELLED: Mixed Reality Design/Build

THIS EVENT HAS BEEN CANCELLED DUE TO SPEAKER AVAILABILITY CHANGE Exploring techniques for using AR, VR and digital fabrication tools for design, prototyping, fabrication and installation. Case studies from public art, structural engineering and architecture highlight the strengths and emerging uses of different types of immersive technology for successfully bringing complex projects to fruition. Event

Virtual Fireside Chat: Monograph and KPF Discuss How to Manage a BIM Practice

Join us for Best Practice, a virtual fireside chat series dedicated to practice operations at architecture firms and beyond. From pain points to potential, hear how leaders in the architecture and engineering industry are innovating through new business models and managerial techniques. In this 45 minute chat, we’ll talk to Veronica and Alex about managing

Designing Your Thinking

Why is the design thinking problem-solving framework so important? How does it drive innovation? How can you apply it to your creative method? In this 2-hour workshop deep dive, you’ll learn by doing how design thinking relates to the design process and witness first-hand how Intuit designers use it to produce stronger design results. You’ll

“User Friendly:” A Q&A with Cliff Kuang and Matt Rolandson

The notion of “user-friendly” has gone from equivocal to essential. But why does some design feel fundamentally good and timeless while other design expires? The expectation is that digital products are supposed to anticipate our needs before we even have them – but how did we get here? Cliff Kuang, an award-winning journalist and experience