Event description

When the earth speaks, we listen.

In the jungle, monkeys howl and insects chorus so intensely the ground quakes. Rain makes the rivers rush and the treetops shake. The place vibrates with life.

There are other sounds, too. Low, syncopated rumbles. Metallic gnashing. Sharp cracks that pierce the air. Each one a threat to this fragile ecosystem that can’t be detected until it’s too late.

But that’s changing.

Together with Rainforest Connection, we’re designing a platform to make all of these sounds accessible to scientists, ecologists, and conservationists – so they can defend precious habitats across the globe and make new ecological discoveries.

Join Rainforest Connection founder, Topher White, and the product design team at Beyond as we discuss our approach to democratizing the power of sound.

Because if more of us listen, we can change the world.


– Topher White, CEO and Founder, Rainforest Connection
– Karyn Pascoe, Chief Creative Officer, Beyond
– Marcus Chairez, Program Director, Beyond
– Victor Tolosa, Senior Experience Designer, Beyond
– Lily Betjeman, Senior Creative Strategist, Beyond

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