Event description

The founders of three Bay Area Made member companies participating in the Bay Area Made: Making a Sustainable Future exhibit for SF Design Week will each do a lightening talk on how sustainable practices are core to their values and how they are implemented in their products and business operations.

Event Presenters:

Mike Endo of Mafia Bags
The idea for Mafia Bags struck Marcos Mafia, formerly a professional kite surfer, upon realizing that the piles of sturdy, colorful sails stashed away untouched in storage facilities could be repurposed into versatile bags for everyday carry. After starting the company in Buenos Aires, Marcos and his sister Paz moved the headquarters to San Francisco, California, where the brand quickly grew in popularity. Marcos is dedicated to making products to encourage a future of more conscientious consumers — deciding why, where, and how things are made.

Mika Endo joined the Mafia team in 2018 with practically no previous experience in manufacturing or the use of up-cycled materials in production. Over the past two years of managing Mafia’s now global operations, her background in environmentalism and commitment to sustainable progress has permeated every aspect of her work. Mika shares the vision of founders Marcos and Paz Mafia, to make products that encourage a future of more conscientious consumers — questioning why, where, and how things are made.

Shujan Bertrand of Aplat
Based in San Francisco, Shujan Bertrand is the founder and CEO of Aplat Inc. Aplat is a culinary soft goods company advocating for sustainable local manufacturing and partnering with local organic food producers and non-profit culinary organizations. She uses the art of origami principles to inspire Aplat’s zero waste design and manufacturing. Through Aplat, she hopes to grow partnerships with sustainable brands and organizations who care about people and the planet.

Shu Bertrand has worked internationally in Paris, Milan and Seoul. She is an industrial designer with over 20 years of product design experience in soft good design, advanced product development, design research and strategy. She has impacted brands around the globe, translating user-centered insights into new product and business opportunities. Shu has lead design teams for Incase, Steelcase, Nike, Samsung, LG Electronics and Procter & Gamble. She has served on the design jury board for the IDEA Awards 2019 and Canne Lion Innovation Awards in France.

Tiersa Nureyev of Stella Fluorescent
STELLA FLUORESCENT is a San Francisco-based collaborative design studio co-founded by Tiersa Nureyev and Erik Hilburn. The studio’s focus is on making beautiful, thoughtful objects that take the form of fashion accessories, jewelry, and textiles. Each collection emerges from partnerships with Bay Area designers and artists, who come together to create work around a central concept. Stella Fluorescent and its collaborators are dedicated to approaching materials in novel and innovative ways, and to the conviction that sustainable design practices are inherently logical and absolutely necessary.

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