Event description

Come celebrate your analog design skills in this block-printing session for the pattern-obsessed.

As a digital design studio, we spend most of our time thinking about screens. But we’re also devoted to cultivating the skills that made us passionate about design in the first place. Our design team comes from an incredibly diverse set of creative backgrounds, from graffiti artists and illustrators to landscape photographers and fashion illustrators. In our studio, we’re keen on maintaining a maker space where we make things by hand to remind ourselves of the incredible amount of craft and patience necessary to create beautiful things – in both the physical and digital world. We’ve organized this evening to help you walk away with something you created and a greater appreciation for the handmade.

At Beyond, designing digital things is what we do during our day jobs. Come learn about some of the recent work we’ve produced and share in our celebration for design – both for the screen and beyond.


Rob Surrency, Emma Netland, Victor Tolosa, Rachel Mersky, Justin Middendorp, Malisa Kuch, Andrew Lee, Agatha Kielczewski, Troy Chafin

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