Event description

Firebrand founder Schessa Garbutt, author of viral essay “Black Lives Matter is Not a Design Challenge,” will be expanding on that text and discussing what allyship looks like for professional designers as we move away from performative, one-time actions and into life-long unlearning.

Schessa (she/they) is the founder and creative force behind Firebrand. She has worked in tech and at agencies large and small for brands such as Netflix, Starbucks, the Oprah Winfrey Network, and UCLA.

Moonlighting as a freelance designer for small businesses and start-ups, Schessa was continuously drawn to the passion of founders and entrepreneurs working to better their respective industries. She realized that when we each commit ourselves to making our corner of the world more just and more green, we trend toward a brighter future. All of these experiences sparked Firebrand, a studio committed to doing better.

Read more of her thoughts and essays on design here.

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