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Please join acclaimed architect Takashi Yanai, a partner at the firm Ehrlich Yanai Rhee Chaney (EYRC), and real estate agent Monique Lombardelli, Founder and CEO of Modern Homes Realty, in a lively virtual conversation about the West Coast’s lasting influence on Modernism.

In EYRC’s award-winning residential work in particular, it offers a refreshing update of California Modernism without inventing new language. Real estate agent and Eichler expert Monique Lombardelli presents a brief history of Eichler homes, their value, and how Modernism emerged in the San Francisco Bay Area and was brought to the masses.

“California Modernism, Past and Future” is a webcast hosted by DZINE and Modern Homes Realty.

TAKASHI YANAI, Partner, Ehrlich Yanai Rhee Chaney
TAKASHI YANAI, FAIA has been the Residential Studio Director since 2004 where he leads the firm’s efforts in the design and execution of award-winning single family residences. Takashi’s projects have been published extensively in the national and international press. Takashi brings a keen sensitivity and interest in site and context coupled with a strong appreciation for the craft of building and materiality born of his dual Californian and Japanese heritage. His houses are a lasting and profound articulation of the relationship between man and nature that underscores architecture’s power to enhance our environments. Prior to practicing architecture, Takashi was an editor at GA Houses in Tokyo where he had the privilege of engaging with the world’s finest residential architects. Takashi is very active in the AIA Committee on Design, and is currently also on the SFMOMA Photography and Accenssions Committee. He is currently a visiting lecturer at the USC School of Architecture, and lectures throughout the world. Alongside architecture, Takashi has a strong interest in photography and social media. His professional activities, travels and personal interests are well-documented and widely followed (60,000 followers) on his Instagram account .

MONIQUE LOMBARDELLI, Founder/CEO, Modern Homes Realty
Real estate agent MONIQUE LOMBARDELLI has made a successful career of pairing buyers, who share her deep love of modernist works of architecture, to the Midcentury era houses of the San Francisco Bay Area. The Palo Alto-based realtor is recognized for her curatorial approach to modern architecture and real estate, in a way that is helping to preserve Northern California’s architectural heritage.

Lombardelli launched her brokerage company Modern Homes Realty in 2013, the same year she produced the first Eichler documentary, “People in Glass Houses: The Legacy of Joseph Eichler”. Her award-winning film helped inspire her vision of architectural real estate as a special niche market.

Educating people about Midcentury Modern architecture and their scarcity is important to Lombardelli. She regularly speaks to local communities about Mid-Century architecture, and leads home tours, which inspire new clientele who are eager to purchase these rare properties. She has represented properties by notable Midcentury architects and developers, including Joseph Eichler, A. Quincy Jones, and Henry Doelger.

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