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How AI Can Help Designers To Be Efficient

Awake 1643 Powell St.,San Francisco,CA 94133, San Francisco, CA, United States

As creative professionals, we often find ourselves bogged down by repetitive tasks that can drain our energy and time. However, thanks to AI and generative technology, we can now dream of a world where these tasks can be streamlined and automated, freeing up our time for more complex and imaginative aspects of our creative process.

Experiments in AI – A Show & Tell at IDEO

IDEO 2525 16th St,San Francisco,CA 94103, San Francisco, CA, United States

If you could talk to your jeans, what would you say? Come to IDEO’s new digs and walk through a gallery of AI experiments. We’ll hear from designers and partners about how they’re playing with this explosive new medium, then have a “conversation that moves”—no spoilers, just trust us, this will be fun. Join us

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SinkInSync: Biofeedback VR Experience for Remote Social Connectedness – VIRTUAL

Virtual Event Virtual Event

SinkInSync presents the design and prototype of a VR-based cross-person EEG neurofeedback platform. This generative VR platform uses one user’s brainwave data to procedurally render 3D scenes and passively displays visual cues that are synchronized with the real-time brainwave frequency to another user. With the platform, we aim to explore the potential of VR as

Zine Wars! Hosted by Stanford

Heath Ceramics / Heath Newstand 2900 18th St, San Francisco, CA

Stanford curators are hosting an immersive education and hands on making session centered around zines! Since the advent of mimeograph in the 1960's (one of the first reproduction mediums beyond carbon paper), the underground and commercial platforms of zine making have revolutionized how creatives and industries engage in dynamic ways. Meet with zine making

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