Event description

This workshop is a collaboration between SFMTA and Remix, a San Francisco-based firm in the transportation technology space that provides a design platform for envisioning transportation systems.

This event will consist of two to three parts:
1. Using the Remix platform, attendees will learn how street design decisions are made and the trade-offs involved in different street roadway and transit configurations.

2. Attendees will break out into groups to design a sustainable roadway concept that best meets criteria provided by the organizers and revised by each break out group. Groups will then be rated based on concept in comparison to each other.

3. Attendees will participate in a discussion of what the Street / Curbside of 2070 should look like, encompassing current and future mobility modes (scooters, bikes, drones, etc.)

Event Speakers: Danielle Harris, Rachel Zack, Kenya Wheeler, Alex Demisch, Ariel Ward


Register for Opening Night Party June 20th.