Event description

We humans are fundamentally social; our ability to survive, to grow, to thrive, and to succeed is influenced by the relationships we have. Each of us moves through the world and our daily lives with a constellation of other people in our hearts, on our minds, and alongside us. We believe that the future of design will not only center people, but the relationships we have with each other. The ability to continually deliver quality experiences to customers—and foster ongoing, mutually valued relationships with them—is essential to creating long-term business and social value.

Join us for a conversation about how we’re using design to create stronger, more trusted, more long-lasting relationships—with each other, our users, our customers, and our communities.

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Meet the designers and recruiters from the Salesforce Experience team! Are you interested in receiving different aspects of career mentorship? This mentorship can range from resume/portfolio reviews, conversations around establishing your career, and/or causal chats, just to connect.

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