Event description

While diversity and inclusion workshops can be transformative from an individual perspective, how do we, as designers, move beyond checking boxes to inspire real change?

We believe designers have a critical responsibility in the fight for equity for all. As creators of the visual world, we’re on the front lines of shaping minds through empathetic and purposeful design.

At Creativity in Action: Designing Our Way Into Empowerment for All, we’ll hear from leading change-makers who use creativity to go beyond talk into action, and explore how we can empower equity in more communities through design.

Brought to you by Beyond, a collective of curious explorers, makers, and challengers who use design to open doors and perspectives. By combining imagination with technology, we work to inspire culture, grow businesses, and make life simpler for everyone.

We will be offering light refreshments at the event.


Angela Pablo, Staff Interaction Designer at Google
Sara Azadi, Co-Founder and CMO at TushBaby Inc
Aubrian Watson, Lead Designer at Black Girls CODE
Enri Moreno, Creative Director at Beyond


Register for Opening Night Party June 20th.