Event description

The UX Research Team at RingCentral is 1.5 years old and consists of 2 researchers supporting 20+ designers and 30+ Product Managers. In the initial month’s research was prioritized for key products and projects and after year research was able to scale with the help of a program that democratized research. This program trained Product Managers and Designers to conduct their own customer research with UserTesting and get customer insights within 2 hours. Over the last 6 months, the Product and Design teams have delivered more than 36 research projects. In this presentation, we will show you the process and show you how we socialize customer insights when Product Managers and Designers conduct research. We also provide guidelines to show what types of research can be democratized and how we’re ensuring we maintain high-quality standards. You will leave with some ideas, templates, and guidelines to use at your company to democratize research.

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