Event description

At this year’s SF Design Week, DocuSign is going to offer participants a glimpse into real-world product problem-solving.

At DocuSign, we use the “3 In a Box” framework where designers, product managers and engineers work together through all product decisions. This can prove challenging at times but have no fear we will share our journey into navigating product decision making.

The event will loosely follow the idea of a science fair.
What does that mean?

Multiple mini booths each with posters and people knowledgeable regarding the topic presented:

1. Design guilds – Design culture at DocuSign
At Docusign, our design team believes culture isn’t just something that happens on it’s own. It takes hard work. Come see how we use a guild system across our distributed team so designers can actively shape our culture in four areas – Design Community, Design Ops, Skills, and Talent.

2. Problem framing and solutioning
How do we STOP implementing solutions handed to us in a JIRA ticket and START solving real user and business problems? Come see the frameworks our team uses for a tighter collaboration between design, product, development, and marketing. We’ll show you how we’ve started asking simple questions to collectively create better answers and more useful designs.

3. Design rubrics and reviews
Ok great. You’ve got your design problem well defined using the latest and greatest framing techniques. And now that blank of paper is just staring at you waiting to go from nothing to something. And you feel so alone… for many designers, this point in the design process is often one of the hardest to wrestle to ground. We’ll show you how we approach this moment as a team using a design rubric. It’s our way of going from zero to one by building an experience map along 3 simple lanes – Doing, Understanding, and Feeling. Then we’ll show you how we leverage these rubrics during silent design reviews inspired by Amazon’s silent reading meeting method. Crazy!

4. Working with partners: Content and Research

Three Lightning talks in separate conference rooms where specialists will have 10 to 15 min presentations about:

1.Seven thinking hats – designers as conductors leading orchestras
2. Why copy matters for UI?
3. Sketch plugins that will save you time


Register for Opening Night Party June 20th.