Event description

With the rise of urbanization and smartphones more of the global population lives in a designed world than ever before. With this change, a new paradigm has arisen where the human experience is taking place primarily in a world shaped by designers.

Noteh Krauss, Principal Designer at Aesthetic Dimension, will give a short presentation re-framing the prominent contemporary assumptions of the designer’s role. In its place, Noteh will offer frameworks that enlarge the scope of what it means to be a designer and how to understand the success of a design. These frameworks help build a bridge between the design work we do today and the future of society at large.

The participants will then get to put this framework into practice. Participants will be divided into four groups and given a speculative prompt: to imagine two friends getting dinner in 2060.

However, each group will be given a different social parameter and technological application of AI to design for. What will food systems look like? How is food delivered or consumed in the future? Is this something effected by robotics? How would data tracking and AI change the way we eat? Even more simply, what does it mean to go out to eat in 2060? Participants will get to explore these questions – and walk with away with practices they can use in their design work today.


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