Event description

Do you work on a digital product team that uses a design system? Or are you interested in adopting a design system within your team? Join us and our panel of experts to discuss the challenges — and some solutions! — to keeping your design system in sync with code. Designers, developers, and unicorns of all stripes welcome as we dive to the depths of cross-disciplinary collaboration.

Our guest-panel of design systems experts features: Kaelig Deloumeau-Prigent from Shopify, Sarah Federman from Atlassian, and Joe Preston from Intuit Quickbooks. The event will feature an interactive Q&A through which the panelists share their insights about keeping design systems in sync with code.

Kaelig is a UX development manager on the Polaris design system team at Shopify. In the past, he worked on a variety of design systems for companies such as Salesforce, the Guardian, the BBC, the Financial Times… In 2016, he started talking about Design Systems Ops, a set of principles freely inspired from the DevOps movement, applied to front-end and design systems.

Sarah Federman is a designer turned engineer with who loves applying systems thinking to solve product problems. Previously at LinkedIn and Adobe, she’s currently working on Atlassian’s design system as a Senior Front End Developer, with special focus on inclusive design and design operations. In her free time, she’s often making jewelry or drinking whisky.

Joe Preston is currently Design Director for Intuit, QuickBooks and has managed and contributed to the QuickBooks and Intuit Design System teams. Previous to Intuit, Joe Preston co-founder of UX consultancy Momentum Design Lab, and organized Enterprise UX meetup groups in SF, NYC and Austin. Joe lives in the San Francisco Bay Area and is a husband and has twin daughters. Outside of work Joe likes to hike, fish, play basketball, and cook and garden. Twitter @peezarelli Dribbble @peezarelli


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