Event description

World Innovation Lab is excited to present a virtual icebreaking exercise, panel discussion, and Q&A session aimed to educate attendees on the ways that forward-looking design thinking is innovating the corporate landscape. The event will be led by design and corporate innovation experts from Stanford University, World Innovation Lab, and Prism Innovation Lab.

The event will kick off with a virtual icebreaking exercise. Attendees will be able to learn a game based on an exercise from improv that jumpstarts creativity.

The panel discussion to follow will introduce attendees to a new and innovative design thinking program being deployed within major corporations around the world— Future Lifestyle Lab. The lab conceptualizes the future through design thinking— a technique known to accelerate and create innovative products, technology, and services through imagination and reverse engineering.

Currently used at large corporations such as Suzuki, Hakuhodo Media Partners, and Shizuoka Shimbun & Broadcasting, Future Lifestyle Lab is run by Namiko Kajiwara, Partner at World Innovation Lab (WiL). Namiko developed the process with Soh Kim, Executive Director at Stanford University. Namiko and Soh will present the design methodology, examples, and results associated with the Future Lifestyle Lab alongside Eesha Choudhari, Founder of Prism Innovation Studio.

Examples of new product design/ corporate innovation panelists have worked on include:

A global automobile company, Suzuki recently announced “Kupo” — a project focused on empowering the elderly with greater mobility. Kupo is a concept model that transforms into two types of mobility devices: an electric wheelchair and an assisted walker. When walking, the Push mode can be selected to electrically assist walking with less effort and anxiety. When traveling, the Drive mode can be selected to transform into an electric wheelchair. Depending on its use, Kupo can be used as a cart for shopping and an electric wheelchair for traveling. Targeting the elderly generation as future customers, the organization was able to turn insights into a great product concept.

Hakuhodo DY Media Partners
As one of the largest media companies in Japan, Hakuhodo DY Media Partners is using design thinking to understand what media will look like in 2030, and how they can continue to grow in that landscape.

Shizuoka Shimbun & Broadcasting
A Japanese media company, Shizuoka Shimbun & Broadcasting is trying to adapt to the rapid changes in the media environment. They are using design thinking to research future customers (such as Gen Z) and envision how to best correlate the company’s vision with the generation’s future needs, equipping themselves to thrive in the next 100 years.

Virtual Empathy
Working with clients internationally, the team at Prism Innovation Studio has developed a “virtual empathy” process that includes remote consumer interviews and field research.

In the session, Namiko, Soh, and Eesha will share their process, project experience, and insights into building future customer value through integrated innovation tools centered around design thinking.
Attendees will:
1) Understand how to build customer value through human-centered design thinking.
2) Learn about successful remote and global design thinking case studies.
3) Understand how corporate business and creativity can coincide and thrive together successfully.

Event Speakers:
Namiko Kajiwara, Partner, Corporate Innovation, World Innovation Lab
Soh Kim, Executive Director of Food Design Research, Stanford University
Eesha Choudhari, Founder, Prism Innovation Studio

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