Event description

Creativity is proving to be one of the driving forces of social activism and change. How we use design to amplify diverse voices and crucial initiatives are top of mind.

Join, Sophia Yeshi, graphic designer, and Illustrator, as she shares her passion to create work to celebrate and amplify Black Women, Women of Color, and the LGBTQ+ communities, using Adobe Illustrator as a design platform.

2:00: Introduction
2:10 – 2:45: Designing to Amplify Voices Around the World
2:45 – 3:00: Q&A

Sophia Yeshi, Illustrator and Designer, Yeshi Designs

Sophia Yeshi is an illustrator and graphic designer in Brooklyn, NY. She’s a digital native that discovered Photoshop at 12 years old while growing up in Baltimore, Maryland. She created Yeshi Designs to shine a light on black women, women of color, and folks in the LGBTQ+ community of all shapes and sizes that are bold, dynamic, and demand attention. After graduating from the University of Baltimore, she spent several years cultivating social media strategy, growing brand awareness, and designing collateral for corporate brands. Now she works with beauty, fashion, lifestyle, tech, and media brands like Instagram and Refinery29 to create culturally-relevant work centered around topics she’s passionate about like climate change, mental health, body positivity, and self-confidence.

Jasmine Whitaker, Community and Content Manager, Adobe Illustrator on iPad

Jasmine Whitaker is a community and content manager at Adobe. As a creative herself, She is passionate about forging the path for diversity in design and authentic storytelling. With a background in graphic design, post-production, and advertising, Jasmine is eager to explore unique interpretations of art, experimental and digital solutions, as well as challenge the way people digest and interact with content on a global scale.

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