Event description

Reflex Design Collective uses a process called Equity Design, which specializes in community engagement based on equitable partnerships between institutions and their beneficiaries. These partnerships help our clients go beyond listening and empathy, to leverage in the power of multi-stakeholder collaboration, the creativity necessary to address complex social challenges, and the expertise that can only come from the lived experience of those most affected by social inequity.

In this interactive, hands-on, collaborative workshop, participants will be introduced to:
-Tools and mindsets to adapt a community engagement and communications plan to be accessible and equitable to community members, especially historically underinvested populations, through an understanding of the historical, political context and power dynamics relevant to a project
-An understanding on how to apply self awareness of one’s biases and blind spots to create space for equitable partnerships
-Basic strategies on how reach and center those most affected by social inequity and address barriers to engagement
-Methods for community engagement that go beyond listening to beneficiaries and into productive collaboration through participatory planning and design


Register for Opening Night Party June 20th.