Event description

Creating a cross-cultural user experience requires extensive research into how a culture has influenced government and politics, technology, communication, and societal and personal values and beliefs.

Information may be limited or restricted due to governmental policies. A country may have unique ways of using technology that can be leveraged, such as the concept of “missed calls” in India. Symbols, often thought of as part of a universal language, may have different interpretations, such as a “pencil” implying an editing action in the United States but not in other countries. And status, or how a user ranks within society, can drastically affect the interface experience and design in certain cultures, such as in China, where VIP status is coveted.

With a richer knowledge of our users’ different cultural contexts, we can better respect this vast diversity and design experiences that are appropriate, relevant, and effective for everyone.

We’re inviting a diverse panel of industry experts to discuss their perspectives, challenges, and experiences with designing across cultures. We will then open up the discussion to the audience, allowing for questions and insights from the community before closing with a light reception.

All attendees must present a government issued photo ID when they sign in at the event. As a licensed freight forwarder, Flexport is regulated by U.S. Customs and this is required of all our visitors. Doors will be open for check-in, food, drinks & networking starting at 5:30 PM. The panel will be begin promptly at 6:30 PM.


Silvia Vergani, Head of Research at Flexport

Elaine Fong, Director of Design & Innovation at Blue Bottle Coffee
Stacey Baradit, Product Manager & UX Strategist at Apple
Sindhuja Jeyabal, CTO and Co-Founder at Dost Education


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