Event description

Delivery is hard and staying aligned is even harder especially as companies scale. In this talk, Kandis will explore how companies and teams can use the methods of design and vision sprints to co-create more adaptive and resilient organizations, improve ways of working and amplify your teams’ ability to define and achieve shared goals. Organizations are constantly evolving human networks. To shape their direction and momentum, leaders must address: -The five essential dimensions of organizational design -Balancing Alignment and Autonomy -Squads? Tribes? Two Pizza Pies? Designing the right operating model for your company’s context and culture This talk is for anyone interested in creating more human-centered, and purpose-driven ways of working and we’ll share concrete ideas for team leaders who want to empower their teams for effective collaboration and faster decision making, product leaders focused on building strong product operations foundations and senior leaders who want to transform at scale.

About Kandis O’Brien
Kandis is the co-founder of The SIX, a strategy and innovation consultancy that empowers enterprise clients like Google, Salesforce, and Cisco and pioneering startups like Alucio and VianAI to ideate, collaborate and execute quickly and efficiently for sustainable growth. Kandis is passionate about helping organizations build better products, services, and organizational cultures leveraging human-centered approaches including Design and Vision Sprints. She is also the organizer of Design Sprint NYC, the official Google Design Sprints Global Chapter community for practitioners and facilitators.

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