Event description

As most designers grow their skills and experience their career inevitably evolves into a management position. This panel is for designers hoping to transition into a leadership role and also for designers who already have that role but want to learn more.

Join us as we ask our panelists:

  • How do you aim for a more senior role?
  • How do you pivot from individual contributor to managing peers?
  • What will the main difference in my day-to-day be?
  • What are the new skills needed?
  • Can you still be some kind of individual contributor?
  • Is it easier to pivot within the same company or go elsewhere?
  • Speakers:
    Patrick Wong, Design Manager, Lyft
    Travis Ortiz, VP of Design, Affinity
    Kristen Spilman, Head of Brand & Communication Design, Stripe
    Alice Bybee, Senior Manager Brand Design , Slack


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