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10:00am – 10:05am Introduction
Lightning Talks

10:05am – 10:20am
“Keeping Your Users Engaged While They Wait”
Identity Verification will be a $12.8 billion market by 2024, and DocuSign happens to be one of the design teams dedicated to a fast-growing IDV product. This is a story about the beautiful collaboration between a San Francisco research manager and our Paris-based principal designer. In this talk, Gabi and Morgan will show you how the right information level can make or break an experience. Together, they tested early designs and measured signer sentiment with a cohort of 120 participants, making our brand shine and kept users engaged. Stay tuned to hear how their redesign reduced our users’ perception of wait time and actually transformed “failure to verify” into a positive experience.

Gabi Moore, Principal Product Designer (Paris | she/her)
Morgan Davis, Manager, User Research (San Francisco | he/him)

10:20am – 10:35am
“Connecting the Dots: Design & Business Impact”

Clearly defining the goals and communicating the outcomes of design accelerates personal improvement, professional recognition and elevates the role of design. Whether you’re freelancing directly for clients or working within a larger organization, connecting design to business outcomes is challenging. It’s not always clear how our design efforts translate to revenue or the success of the products and services we work on. In this lightning talk, Ben will share tips on how to define goals, measure outcomes and communicate the value of design in the language of non-designers.

Ben Child, Manager, Product Design (San Francisco | he/him)

10:40am – 10:55am
“Building Better Products through Bets”
Whether intended or not, every design decision we make is a bet. We don’t always realize we’re gambling when we make decisions, and most of the time it shouldn’t feel that way. However every decision reflects a strategy (especially with new products): how an interaction is shaped, how a feature is brought to life, or how a product is launched. How do we visualize the trade-offs our team makes? How might we show the options and outcome needed? Designers working in product innovation often need to identify and mitigate risks that can derail a promising project. Isaac and Jake from the DocuSign incubations team will walk you through how to reframe your product as a series of bets to just do that.

Jake Mitchell, Lead Product Designer (Richmond, Virginia | he/him)
Isaac Steiner, Lead Product Designer (Chicago | he/him)

10:55am – 11:00am

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