Event description

As we emerge from the pandemic, what can we expect from the new world around us going forward? How will our homes and workspaces change? How SHOULD they change? And how can the design community both lead and respond?”

This interactive panel explores these questions through the lenses of consumerism, design history, and the quest for a more sustainable way of living.

To gain some context, we’ll discuss how previous pandemics shaped everything from interior design and furniture to architecture and urban planning. We’ll bring this up to the present to explore the context for OUR crisis and the issues it’s thrown into sharp relief – issues prime for the design industry to solve.

To round things out, the panel will share practical solutions for how to move forward to shape a far better future with purpose and meaning.

We’ll then open the conversation up for a Q&A session.

Attendees will receive a takeaway packed with practical ideas on how to move forward toward a more sustainable, impact-ful future.

12:00 PM Welcome and Introductions
12:05 PM Panel Discussion Begins
12:45 PM Q&A
01:00 PM Thank you and wrap up

Event Moderator
Regina Connell, Bull Stockwell Allen/Collaboratory

Event Speakers
Katie Storey, Storey Design/Good Future Design Alliance
Julie Muniz, Design Curator and Futurist
Joe Luttwak, Lingrove

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