Event description

San Francisco has a legacy of embracing the weird and unexpected, especially when it comes to art and design. From the hippie movement to the vibrant history of public and outsider art, SF is often synonymous with the experimental and eccentric. Join us as we discuss and explore the inspirational process of working with the unknown.

Motivated by the growing partnership between Creativity Explored and The New Company, the event will examine how art produced by artists with developmental disabilities inspires the design and creative process.

From exploring non-traditional art as a source for creative ideation to incorporating CE art in branding, identity, and product design, the discussion will present our shared perspective on welcoming the unconventional as a means of pushing the global aesthetic forward.

Ann Kappes (Director of Licensing, Creativity Explored)
Matt Luckhurst (Founder & Executive Creative Director, The New Company)
Will Geddes (Design Director, The New Company)

Tiffani Jones Brown (Editorial Director, Dropbox)


Register for Opening Night Party June 20th.