Event description

What happens when we ask designers with wildly different experience levels the most pressing questions of our era? Let’s find out. On one side, we have the well-worn industry vets, who have designed for the world’s biggest brands. On the other side, we have the fresh, optimistic rookie designers who make up for experience with hunger to shake the world up.

This panel would feature a mix of Huge designers, two at the most senior levels and two at the early stages of their careers. A moderator will throw out hot topics in the industry now, from design ethics to career progression to the use of “lorem ipsum”. The idea is simple: We believe this conversation will prove that we need everyone’s point of view to solve the world’s biggest design challenges.

In this session, we’ll cover how to not just talk about the diversity of ideas, but be about the diversity of ideas. We’ll teach you how to uncover your own biases to better incorporate conflicting viewpoints to get to more inspired work. Because good ideas can come from anywhere.


  • Fura Johannesdottir, Chief Design Officer
  • David Clarke, North America Chief Design Officer
  • Allier Ho, Visual Designer
  • Priyanka Saha, UX Designer
  • Kisha Bertrand, UX Copywriter
  • Moderated by: Kelsey Cordutsky, Visual Design Lead
    MCed by: Frankie Donlon, Sr. Project Manager

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