Event description

Prototyping as we do today is often limited to one screen on one device. But don’t we interact with products and services in more ways than just on a single screen? As the boundaries between hardware and software blur more, we as designers have the responsibility to leverage this opportunity to ultimately design a better future.

Join us for an exciting talk and workshop in which these very important topics are addressed. We’ll discuss what experience prototyping means to us and the roles highly interactive prototyping and IoT have in improving lives. Discover what it’s like to turn a design idea into a highly interactive prototype across software and hardware, all in the easiest way possible. During this workshop, you’ll learn about how experience prototyping helps us in shaping inclusive experiences, a brief introduction to ProtoPie and how you can use ProtoPie to prototype experiences better.

Learn from fellow designers:
– Tony Kim — Co-founder & CEO of ProtoPie, previously at Google.
– Sarah Lim — Product Designer at ProtoPie, previously at Samsung.

There will be drinks and snacks at your disposal! Don’t forget to bring your laptop, questions, and curiosity!

Space is limited. Secure your seat ASAP. See you soon 🙂

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