Event description

Designing for enterprise customers comes with a unique set of challenges and opportunities. As more start-ups focus on solving problems for enterprises with technology, the world of B2B visual design has begun to cross traditional boundaries and flourish.

This intimate panel will be focused on the lessons learned in visual design for enterprise-facing software products, as well as the evolving future of enterprise design. There will be a lively discussion with senior-level designers from leading B2B tech companies. Our panelists work at companies with large enterprise clients where winning a deal is a big deal and every marketing email counts. They will discuss how they design exceptional work while keeping their eyes on the enterprise.

Sara VanSlyke, Brand Designer, Atlassian
Berenice Mendez, Sr. Communications Designer, HelloSign
Derick Carss, Head of Communications Design, AppDirect
Steven Lewis, Senior Designer, Chartio

Camille Matonis, Visual Designer, AppDirect

7:00 pm Doors open for refreshments & mixing
7:30 pm Panel begins
8:15 pm Panel opened for Q&A
8:30 pm Panel ends
9:00 pm Closing Time

Ps. The AppDirect communications design team is hiring! https://bit.ly/2Ktc09I

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