Event description

Our theme is how designers can find their power in whatever they are designing for (big or small) and at whatever level they are at (beginner or advanced). There is always something you can design that is worthwhile and that will add value.

Hosted by Michael Peachey, V.P. of User Experience design, our event will feature three speakers who will talk about topics ranging from how one designer found his UX power through Ramadan, to how powerful tools like Jira can uplevel your UX team’s Design Operations, to how to find your inspiration and motivation when you’re faced with unsexy design tasks.

Mudassir Azeemi, Sr. UX Interaction Designer, Design System Governance at RingCentral

How Ramadan Powered Up my UX Design
There are 1.7 billion Muslims who followed a month-long religious ritual every year known as Ramadan. Let me unpack the lessons which I learned and made my design powerful and impactful through it.

Katherine McAdoo, Senior UX Interaction Designer, Apps at RingCentral
Finding your power in the mundane
How to get motivated about the less ‘fun’ design work and discover how the boring can propel your designs, career, and team.

Priscilla Shaw, Associate Director, Design Operations at RingCentral
The power of Jira for UX teams – taking your UX team to the next level
Learn how your UX team can leverage Jira’s capabilities to create UX efficiency, improve team communication, as well as measure and quantify your UX team’s productivity.

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