Event description

Sometimes you have to make something before you can truly imagine it.

Join Principal Jarin Tabata, Creative Director Karishma Sheth, and Senior Designer Takuo Fukuda for a look behind the curtain of how consultancy SYPartners brings human-led transformation to some of the most influential companies in the world.

During this session, Jarin, Karishma, and Takuo will speak to what design means at SYPartners and lead the group through an exercise on prototyping designed for a Japanese client, Treehouse.

By prototyping, you bring what’s in your mind out into the world so others can respond, contribute, and refine. How you do this—how you prototype—is dependent on what you are trying to test or communicate. You can sketch. Tell a story. Even do quick math. Landing on the right kind of prototype for your idea helps you learn in a way that accelerates your progress and builds belief in your idea.


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