Event description

At NerdWallet, our users are at the center of every design decision we make. Through tools, information and insights, we provide them with the clarity they need to navigate all of life’s financial decisions and live a life well spent. Join a panel of design leaders from NerdWallet’s Design and User Experience team to hear how we reflect our users in brand design, UX research, product design, and content strategy.

Hannah Galloway is a Senior Product Design Manager at NerdWallet, responsible for the Marketplace and Currency Design System. Hannah has built her career solving complex and functional design problems, and is a self-described leadership nerd.

Sara Hov leads the UX Content Strategy team at NerdWallet. A 10-year veteran of fintech, she is based in Los Angeles.

Tracey Bolton is a Lead Product Designer at NerdWallet. Before NerdWallet, she consulted on various corporate and tech projects as well as healthcare and social media startups. She holds an MFA in Graphic Design from the Savannah College of Art and Design.

Chloe Dalby is the Lead Motion Designer and Art Director on the Brand Studio team at NerdWallet. She loves to get nerdy in After Effects and create work that amuses, educates, and inspires.

Kimra McPherson is a UX research manager at NerdWallet. She studied journalism at Northwestern University and has a master’s in information science from UC Berkeley.

Amy Wong is a Lead Visual Designer and Art Director at NerdWallet. She’s a visual storyteller who loves to create joyful experiences, from branding identity to integrated marketing campaigns.

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