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What is power and how does it show up in our daily lives as designers? When is it generative? When is it destructive? What happens in organizations when we upend traditional power structures and give away power, instead? What happens when we share power with those who’ve historically been excluded from it? What does sharing power look like in practice?

These are some of the topics we’ll explore through a dynamic conversation among diverse leaders from within and outside of Design. This conversation aims to examine our relationships to power and unlock the potential for transformative leadership in our companies and communities.


Dianne Que (she/her) is a Filipina-American, daughter of immigrants, mother of two, and a cultural and community worker for nearly 20 years. Her professional roots are in non-profit arts and media, do-goodey creative agencies, and most recently, service and product design organizations.

As a Design Operations leader she is focused on creating radically inclusive teams, kicking down doors, and centering the voices of BIPOC folks in tech. At Zendesk, Dianne is the head of Product Design Operations, a team that defines/refines how designers work together, get work done, and create impact.

Timothy Bardlavens is chaotic good in its purest form. He is a Gay, Black man from the Carolinas, the youngest son of a single mother and everything institutional trauma and oppresion says you cannot be or become. He is Design Leader, a Cultural Strategist, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) specialist, a Co-Founder, a writer and an International speaker & facilitator on topics of design & tech culture, equity, white supremacy and systems of oppression.

At Facebook, Timothy leads Community Trends and Culture—creating experiences that enable culture to emerge and thrive on the platform. As a cultural strategist, he specializes in assessing, dismantling and rebuilding organizational cultures built on systems of oppression and white supremacy.

Timothy is also Co-Founder of &Design—an organization whose mission is to cultivate and activate Black, Latinx, and Indigenous Designers by providing tools, resources and training to support them on their creative career journey.

Charlene Martinez transgresses normative boundaries as a cultural weaver. She is Multiethnic Taiwanese-Colombian American, cis-woman of color, mother of three, child of immigrants and resides on Kalapuyan territory (known as Corvallis, Oregon). Charlene’s work sits at the intersection of narrative change, healing, and capacity building toward liberatory futures. She is a critical mixed race educator, equity strategist, and capacity builder who guides individuals, leaders, and organizations toward bold change and greater purpose. Her publications lift up storytelling, relational leadership, cultural organizing, and healing methodologies. She finds joy in water medicine, laughter, and cultural somatics.

She is an equity and inclusion specialist and coach who guides individuals, leaders, and organizations toward bold change and greater purpose. She currently serves as the Associate Director of Student Experiences & Engagement, a hub for experiential learning organization at Oregon State University. She has twenty years of experience leading EDI (equity, diversity, inclusion) initiatives in multiple sectors, with the focus of her work in higher education.

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