Event description

The discussion between architects, policy makers, designers and technologists dive into the issues raised by the “How to Build a House: Architectural Research in the Digital Age” exhibition at swissnex san francisco.

The exhibition presents the DFAB HOUSE in Switzerland, one of the first houses to be built almost entirely by digital methods, robots and 3D printers.

If this vision has suddenly become a concrete reality, how will architecture and construction change?

What does it mean for a thriving city such as San Francisco?

Does it provide solutions for the housing crisis, for climate change and more integrative, collaborative design and fabrication processes?

Will these new methods of how to build a house not only be sustainable, social and functional but also lead to hitherto unknown, yet beautiful results?

This evening is about the strong claims and the critical assessment confronting research in the field of architecture and digital fabrication from the labs of ETH Zurich within the reality of San Francisco and the building culture of the Bay Area.


Register for Opening Night Party June 20th.