Event description

How two folks from unlikely backgrounds ended up shaping some of the biggest brands, leading in-house creative teams in engineering-driven environments. Kristen and Everett have worked closely with influential figures in technology and culture, collectively producing bodies of work that have reached global communities while consistently pushing on creative boundaries. In this talk they will discuss why diverse perspectives are needed and invaluable in an increasingly homogenous tech industry, and the role of the designer when building for progress.


Kristen Spilman, Head of Brand & Communication Design, Stripe
Kristen Spilman is a creative leader with a history of breathing new life into major technology brands. She currently leads the team of designers working on site design, brand content, and visual systems at Stripe. Before Stripe, Kristen lead design teams at Facebook, and built the multidisciplinary Brand Studio team at Dropbox. Prior to her time in San Francisco, Kristen was an Associate Partner at Pentagram, as well as a faculty member in the undergraduate graphic design department at the Maryland Institute College of Art.

Everett Katigbak, Films and Brand Content, Stripe
Everett is a creative leader who’s been a foundational member of several rapidly growing tech brands. He’s currently on the design team at Stripe, leading film and brand storytelling projects. Prior to Stripe, he was the Brand Creative Manager at Pinterest, and an early designer at Facebook, where cofounded the Facebook Analog Research Laboratory. Through the Analog Lab, he combined his guerrilla punk roots with graphic design to create provocative work that shaped the company’s internal culture, and inspired many companies to create similar programs.


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