Event description

Earlier this year, Blink worked with the Special Olympics 2022 to design a unique mobile application experience for all attendees of the USA Games, by focusing first on the Games’ 4,000 athletes. Join us to go behind-the-scenes of our research and design process followed by a fireside chat with members of the Blink design and Special Olympics teams, on how they collaborated to create change.

During this talk, we will:

  • Show you how we approached the challenge, and share the final result
  • Have an intimate fireside chat with our two primary stakeholders – Lonnie Snyder, who drove the vision behind this project, and Mike Suman, the developer and partner who helped build it.
  • We’ll talk about topics related to the project, and the larger role of design in empowerment, such as: how our evidence-driven process helped Special Olympics change its approach to design; surprises and challenges working with intellectually disabled athletes; how the design has evolved into a developed application; and what design’s role is in helping empower the underserved, etc.
  • Wrap up with Q&A
  • Event Speakers:

  • Scott Lambridis (Head of Design, Blink San Francisco) – Host, Moderator
  • Lauren Javor (Principal Designer, Blink Seattle) – Lead Designer
  • Lonnie Snyder (CIO, Special Olympics 2022) – Client Partner
  • Mike Suman (COO, Applied Training Solutions) – Client Development Partner
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