Event description

More than ever, organizations are investing heavily in design thinking and customer eXperiences. Unfortunately, many who’ve made these investments aren’t getting what they want out of them. Why is this happening? What’s broken? Is there a better way to maximize the ROI of an investment in user eXperience design?
This event will give you practical insights on how to achieve your goals and build a sustainable system around it.

Who is this event for?
1. Product owners and business leaders who want to learn how to get the most impact out of their investment in user eXperience design
2. Design leaders who want to build a successful program and better articulate the ROI of user eXperience design
3. Design practitioners who believe there’s value in design beyond “pushing pixels”

What will the participants take away?
– A short assessment to uncover what they might be doing wrong
– An understanding of how to use eXperience design to fuel a business by creating a holistic system of People, Process, and culture to sustain it from within
– Knowledge from the field to see how top eXperience-centered companies are doing it
– Practical applications to start doing eXperience design well, bridging goals and execution
– A new belief system to serve as an anchor

Tom Walter – VP of Creative eXperiences, UXReactor

Satyam Kantamneni – Managing Partner and Chief eXperience Officer, UXReactor
Stephanie Butler – Senior Director of Product for Strategy, Turnitin
Vivek Rao – Innovation and Design Researcher and Lecturer, UC Berkeley

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