Event description

Have you ever re-branded or introduced new elements of your system that looked great in an ad but then you never saw that language again? Or a set of brand guidelines that were never really adopted by other teams because it “was too hard.” Or a beautiful “set of paint” but with no real legs for adoption across teams? Now, think about that fragmented experience for your customer and what that is saying to them. A true end-to-end approach is a unique journey of brand expression that is a process; outward and subliminal; direct and nuanced. It is product, surface and team agnostic and instead, universal. A system to support that is consistent, flexible and opinionated. By truly thinking end-to-end throughout the entire customer journey, not just the boundaries of your internal org charts, a cohesive visual identity system builds trust, recognition and loyalty.

With the shift towards distributed teams and an increase in moving more of our lives (and eyeballs) into the noisy digital world, the consistency of a brand and visual identity system is crucial. The power of a brand system works to not only galvanize your internal culture and teams around a shared language, but also send a clear message to customers on the value the product brings to their lives.

In this talk, Dropbox Executive Creative Director, Liz Gilmore aims to encourage a holistic view, reach, and impact of the power of a consistent brand and visual identity system across the full customer journey. What does it mean to think end-to-end? How do you create a brand system that is inclusive, flexible, rooted in a shared customer-centric strategy and evangelized across an entire organization? Why should we care? What power do we create with it internally and externally? Throughout the talk, we’ll speak to the lessons learned, the opportunity and a new way to approach the power of your brand when thinking end-to-end in this newly shaped world.

About Liz Gilmore
Liz leads the Brand Studio Design team at Dropbox maintaining the integrity of the visual identity system across the end-to-end customer journey through engaging storytelling, brand forward experiences, and consistent application. She’s helped build brands for some of the biggest tech companies and always loves tackling big, uncharted challenges. She’s a creative, photographer, mistake-maker, plant mama, and baby mama to an unstoppable toddler.

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