Event description

As location becomes increasingly central to all industries, there is no longer a one-map-fits-all model for companies looking to make the most of their location data. Whether it’s Snap looking to show off your friends’ stories from around the world, The Weather Channel giving you an early look at the storm headed for your community, or Pokemon Go encouraging you to explore your neighborhood, a differentiated, brand-specific map is now a necessity. Location has the ability to transform industries across the board, and as tools for map design have become more accessible, companies have found novel and impactful ways to take advantage of digital cartography.

Led by Mapbox designer and cartographer Amy Lee Walton, this session will offer attendees a guide to how designers, developers, and engineers alike can build stunning interactive maps and utilize location data. Amy Lee will cover off on the key elements, principles, and theory of great map design; why everyone needs to be thinking about employing maps for their companies; and what designers and developers need to consider as they design maps for mobile, navigation, and data visualization.

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