Event description

Is innovation the job of everyone in your organization, or should it be largely the job of a small team of dedicated designers and changemakers? Should internal innovation focus on solving organizational challenges or should it focus on democratizing the designers’ mindset across the organization? These are just a few of the major and likely familiar tensions that often undermine innovation initiatives, turning well-meaning efforts into dreaded ‘innovation theater.’

We believe that understanding the challenges of launching and sustaining innovation and design initiatives in organizations can be an essential element to your career as a designer, innovator, and leader, now more than ever,.

This session discusses best practices for building and advancing successful design-driven innovation initiatives in your organization, grounded in a recent study at Berkeley-Haas. We’ll hear from two design and innovation leaders who’ve managed to navigate these tensions effectively across enterprise software and professional services. We’ll talk the good, the bad, and the ugly of building design-driven, innovation-forward organizations, and walk away with tangible steps you can take to push your organization forward and advance your career in the process!

Event Speakers:
Alex Severin, ICF Spark Labs & UC Berkeley Haas: MBA Candidate
Vivek Rao, UC Berkeley Haas & College of Engineering: Lecturer and Researcher
Mario Ruiz, Salesforce: Practice Director, Business Technology Innovation Team
Haroon Aslam, ICF: Vice President, Experience Design; Founder, ICF Spark Labs

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