Event description

Wake up with YLabs! Grab your morning beverage of choice and prepare to get your creative juices flowing.

In this virtual show-and-tell, you’ll hear from YLabs designers as they share stories and insights from our projects around the world. We’ve worked with young people, religious leaders, and government stakeholders to understand, explore, and design for issues that are typically kept quiet like porn, safe-abortion, menstrual hygiene, and sexual pleasure. Our design team will share the design research and prototyping methods that we’ve used to safely approach these topics in a way that puts young people at ease, elevate their voices, and harnesses their creativity.

YLabs is a leading global design and research organization working to improve health and economic opportunity for young people 10-24 years old. Join us for a high energy session that will leave you with practical tips and inspiration to designing with young people. Bring your questions and creativity – we’ll supply the rest!

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