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Abstract: The Art of Design goes beyond visuals into the science and philosophy that drives the visionaries who shape our culture-and humanity’s future. The show explores gender and racial identity, the climate crisis, and social media ethics through the lens of design. For Cas Holman, design is a form of activism. A queer toy designer known for encouraging creativity by emphasizing unstructured play, she uses toys and play not only for learning but as an influential process that can help shape a child’s outlook on life for the better. Ian Spalter has shaped the way we interact with our devices: He developed the FuelBand for Nike and became Head of Design at Instagram in 2015. He’s always thinking about how technology, and the ways we choose to explore it, affects the world around us. Join Mary Melton, Editorial Director, Godfrey Dadich Partners, for a conversation with Cas and Ian about the need for optimism, promoting inclusion through design, the importance of mentorship and representation for Black designers, and more.

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