Event description

The design industry as service-based model can yield exciting, original work for clients, but the pace and cost of delivering new solution after new solution is hard (and getting harder) to sustain. How can design firms, large and small, change the way they do business to stay profitable and empowered to do great work?

Join LMNOP Design Founder/Principal Tyler Pew and other SF design business leaders in a discussion around how design entrepreneurship can take the pressure off client-driven income and contribute to a more financially stable (and often more creatively exciting!) workplace. The 40-minute panel discussion will be followed by a reception and open studio, with design demos running in our fabrication and build shops.

Maaike Doyer, Strategy Designer + CFO of Business Models Inc.
Tyler Pew, Founder/Principal of LMNOP Design
Marijke Smit, Principal + COO of MKThink
Katie Storey, Principal of Storey Design

Lindy Kae, Creative Director, LMNOP Design


Register for Opening Night Party June 20th.