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ReVision, created by Reification.io, is a multi-user immersive design visualization system for designers to produce a compelling visual representation of their designs.
These design representations can be experienced by multiple users in person or remotely, using a Desktop or a Virtual Reality headset.

For this year’s Virtual Design Week Reification.io has teamed up with four Bay Area Based companies; Nonfiction, Ruth Ranieri, One Hat One Hand and Studio 12 to created 4 unique VR experiences. Enjoy these self-guided VR tours each day with the following studios.

Register for Nonfiction and the Movida School Virtual Design VR Experience

This self-guided VR tour with Nonfiction gives users an exclusive first-person preview of the Movida School in an interactive and engaging way by creating and virtual reality of Nonfiction’s design. The Movida School breaks convention and welcomes people of all ages to learn, play, connect, and build a future without limits. The school combines sustainable practices, emotional intelligence development, exposure to entrepreneurship, and a healthy dose of absurdity.

Register for Kuth Ranieri and Clover Pavillion VR Experience
In the fall of 2017, one of our clients lost their house to the Santa Rosa wildfires. Not long after, they asked us to drive up from San Francisco and talk about designing a new house on the same site. The landscape was eerie, all ashes and chimneys and bent, burnt, broken things. As we began the process of redesign, it occurred to us that in the wake of a terrible fire like this, those planning to rebuild had nowhere to meet with an architect or contractor in the vicinity. That got us to thinking about a way to create a prototype temporary shelter that could be easily erected and provide a place to talk, go over drawings, perhaps even charge a phone or a laptop. Neighbors could use them for community gatherings. More than anything, such a structure would serve as a sign of new life or growth for a devastated area. We like to keep pushing the boundaries, experimenting with new ideas, keeping sharp by giving ourselves these kinds of design challenges. And at the same time, as climate change continues to rewrite the rules, designers need to keep innovating to prepare for the future. Architecture has an essential role to play in giving fire-prone communities the resilience they need to adapt.

Register for One Hat One Hand VR Experience
Collaborating with One Hat One Hand to create a virtual portfolio, Corbin Ordel Studio is a new-media agency specializing in virtual & augmented reality, game design, and interactive content for live events. The founder, Corbin Ordel, emphasizes the use of a flexible and far-reaching set of tools allowing for the creation of content that explores uncharted genre, technological needs, and subject matter.

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