Event description

This VR Guided tour with Studio12 is a unique experience that brings the studio to you in an interactive and engaging way by creating a virtual reality of Studio12. The Studio12 Team will meet you inside the VR Studio where they will guide you through the experience virtually.

About Studio12
Studio 12 was founded by Jeff Burris in 2000 and is based in San Francisco, California. The office seeks work primarily in residential and light commercial arenas with a particular focus on spatial efficiency and material joinery. A full-service architectural firm, the office uses clean lines as a means to amplify material use. The work shows attention to carefully integrated volumes and circulation. We are not interested in repeating ourselves. Each new project is developed under a set of guidelines unique to their site and the program at hand.

Studio 12 is a collective of hardworking individuals. We seek situations that allow thoughtful design at any scale and any price point. We thrive in ‘team based’ environments working in close collaboration with owners, builders, fabrications, and suppliers.

About ReVision by Reification.io
ReVision, created by Reification.io, is a multi-user immersive design visualization system for designers to produce a compelling visual representation of their designs.

These design representations can be experienced by multiple users in person or remotely, using a Desktop or a Virtual Reality headset.

For this year’s Virtual Design Week Reification.io has teamed up with four Bay Area Based companies; Nonfiction, Kuth Ranieri, One Hat One Hand and Studio 12 to created 4 unique VR experiences.

This experience is open to all-access pass ticket holders and the general public. Have questions or interested in Reification.io, email them here. Each timeslot requires seperate registration.


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