Event description

Covid-19 is making the future happen faster. The pandemic has accelerated trends like tele-health, remote education, and social inequity making it increasingly important for organizations to cultivate the ability to think long-term. As Max Tegmark, professor at MIT and author of Life 3.0 says, “It’s a mistake to passively ask “what will happen,” as if it were somehow predestined! We should instead ask: “What should happen? What future do we want?”

Join DXLabs in a remote 2-hour Futurecast Workshop to learn how to use science fiction to craft a vision for the future. As designers, engineers, and artists, we believe it’s our responsibility to not only confront issues related to outdated infrastructure, governance, healthcare, diversity, and sustainability, but work together to paint a picture of what success might look like. After all, if we don’t know what we want, we’re unlikely to get it!

Key Takeaways

Learn the tools of Futurecasting to craft vision using science fiction.

Gain creative confidence when imagining and communicating vision.

Discuss what the future might look like after Covid-19.


4:00 – Introduction to Futurecasting

4:30 – Futurecast workshop begins

6:00 – Sharing and closing

Lance Cassidy, CEO at DXLabs
Lance founded DXLabs to envision, design, and build moonshots for organizations that are pushing humanity forward. He’s built transformational products for Intel, NASA, Lowe’s, Steelcase, Singularity University, and some of Silicon Valley’s most successful startups. He uses a process called Futurecasting that leverages science fiction to craft their vision of the future and determine the steps to get there.

Dr. Hannu Rajaniemi, CEO HelixNano
Hannu is a co-founder and CEO of HelixNano, a venture and Y Combinator backed biotech startup that leverages synthetic biology to develop new therapeutic modalities for lethal cancers. He is also the author of four novels including The Quantum Thief (winner of 2012 Tähtivaeltaja Award for the best science fiction novel published in Finland and translated into more than 20 languages). His most recent book is Summerland, an alternate history spy thriller in a world where the afterlife is real. His short fiction has been featured in Slate, MIT Technology Review and the New York Times.

Kathryn Myronuk,Founding Team at Singularity University
Named by CNN as one of The Top 7 Tech Heroes to Watch in 2015, Kathryn Myronuk is a leading expert on exponentially growing technologies and the synthesis of the broad set of related fields of the Singularity movement. She was a research analyst on Ray Kurzweil’s book, The Singularity is Near.

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